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If you made it this far,  Thanks and Welcome to my Gallery!

Hello, my name is Michael Young

I'm a Freelance PhotoJournalist/Travel & Music Photographer.

After 28 years, I escaped Corporate America shortly after a life changing event. My techie background was in supervisory control & data acquisition (SCADA) computer systems, intranet web design &  photography supporting those systems. I won't say for whom, I'll just say, you've heard of them...

I also have a background in online publishing and photography. Having created an "Import Car" magazine with related websites, and community forums in the late 90's and early 2000's (Sold!). This was during the popular "Fast and the Furious" days. I worked with companies coordinating project vehicles for publication articles and car shows. 

So yes, I'm "Retired" - Like I said, "I can't waste the rest of my life on this shit"

I now use the camera to capture the world I enjoy!  Only photographing and writing about the things that move and or inspire me. I enjoy music and travel photography, combine both and I'm very happy!   

I share my work with the bands and their fans. My work can be found on social media feeds for various bands. I'm never looking for a "Job", but always looking to meet inspirational people to photograph and tell their stories. Available for short tours.

See an image you'd love for a big print?  

Photograph your band? 

Talk photography? 

Then drop me a line by clicking the little mail icon on the menu!

Peace & Safe Travels,

Michael Young

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